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January 16, 2013
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ONE PIECE 695 'Not Even Trying Anymore.' by Razmere ONE PIECE 695 'Not Even Trying Anymore.' by Razmere
I love One Pice. I love the characters. Especially Nami the Navigator. I didn't mind that her breasts got bigger and her legs got longer as time went on, but I think this latest chapter was the skinniest I've ever seen her. I know the attempt is to make her sexy and that is FINE! It's just NOW she's TOO thin and it's not hot anymore. It's WeIrD! :icondonotwantplz:

Other great manga like FAIRY TAIL and GAMBLE FISH have LOADS more fanservice than ONE PIECE but at least their female cast members look like a human being that's eaten a full corse meal in the last year.
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I understand completely...ladies need their organs as well!!! :D
PsychoMonkeyShogun Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
What is wrong with them? Don't those ladies understand how awesome that robot is? Where are their priorities?

But no, yeah her core was much nicer during Skypiea and other previous arcs. Let's hope it was just a mistake or something for one chapter.
davy-downpour Jan 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
you should read berserk! its my favorite story/book series let alone manga, the anatomy of the characters is some of the most legit anatomy in manga! and the characters body types all make sense and seem like something real, well except for apostles but still!

oh..just realized your the man who makes warhorse....well i regret nothing
I undestand what are you saying but in one piece world doesnt follow real normal anotamy and Oda isnt really trying to put that much realism into is work besides a few basic things so that readers can follow it .

We have men that almost triangule shaped(Kuma),human's attaining 3 meters of height(people like admirals),kaku nose,some of Okamas,Hancock pose should be impossible, there is more examples.

Its odd complain for this show in particular because author never promised(not sure if this the right word) to rearrange his style to be more real human like,he wants his world to be bizarre from small thing to big things"dont use your common sense to judge" and have readers fun with it also, concept beauty in this world as always been like that.

Its his style for years.
The only reason it kinda bothers me is because Nami didn't USED to be this thin or bizarre looking.
For me looks the same.

Since they don't have much time to correct stuff(mangaka) usually only in the volumes(but usually it just for bigger things like Croc having two hands),stuff like: ussop nose changing size all the time,waist line,hair lenght mistakes,height's changing they are acceptable because they have already busy schedules dont have time worry about little details.
(Oda schedule is already insane and glad he is taking more breaks(chain smoker with 3 hours of sleep and barely spend time with his family).

Unless if their are drawing machine like Mashima from Fairy tail already proved to be thats another case although i completely dislike his use of women but thats another matter.

We are entering new world stuff are going get more bizarre dont know what say XD ,only thing i guess i can say is dont think much about it its little thing the waist were always thin sometimes its going look diferent they(authors) usually dont have luxury to spend time on it.

Sorry long text's,just my feeling on the matter.
Well it IS sorta his JOB to make sure his manga looks good. So little details like Nami's ever shrinking waist should probably be adressed.

And what's wrong with the women of Fairy Tail?
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